Tower of Zenopus Complete Map

The Tower of Zenopus, also known as the “sample dungeon” was the first adventure map included with the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set. It has been drawn several times. This is my attempt. 

Tower of Zenopus

This deceivingly simple-looking dungeon map is A LOT bigger than it seems! 

I actually had to draw this in three different panels and connect them in Photoshop. You’ll also note that each door was also added digitally to give them a nice, crisp look. 

What do you think? 


The Fiend Factory

The Fiend Factory 

Deep in the abandoned laboratory of Cleric Stolheim many secrets wait. Be wary. This is where the dead were revived. Only the bravest adventures dare venture beyond the main gates to the holding pens where some of Stolheim’s most hideous experiments still lurk. 


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Tower of Zenopus | Panel 1

My interpretation of the classic dungeon crawl by John Holmes, the Tower of Zenopus. This is the first of 3 panels which I will stitch together once they are all finished. I was going to add the niches in room B but decided to just leave them off the map itself, although they are still there. Such a fun draw!