“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

~ Philip K. Dick

Hope The Killer

Some are born into greatness. All others serve. Luuk Maru is like every other no-cred struggling to exist in the southern canal district of Sorgbjerg—a worker, a father, and a broken man yearning for just one more chance at life. What the hopelessness of his reality cannot provide, the drug Synth offers a temporary substitute, however fleeting. But perhaps the world he escapes to is not so far away as it seems.

Set in the popular universe of Sebastian Doubinsky’s “City State” series, this story was originally published as the lead piece in SILENCE IS WHITE, an anthology dedicated to the lauded Danish poet/author who continues to influence so many other speculative fiction authors, including Ted Fauster.



A little George Carlin. A lot of PKD. Ten tons of heart.  Ted Fauster is  panpsychic explorer with a strong suspicion of a recursive universe. His work pokes and prods at the boundaries of contemporary thought by questioning that which we have come to expect as normal, doubting the validity of a conjoined reality, chronicling  a devout journey to find the source code behind the hidden meaning of purpose and existence. He maintains a healthy view of death as an inarguable destination where the information that holds us together disperses and is returned. He also enjoys tacos, like a lot.  

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